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Technology and IT Keynote Speakers

It's hard to imagine what life would be like today without computers, smartphones and the internet. For the last two decades or so, advancements in information technology have accelerated at such a speed that it can be hard to keep up. However, no one is denying the importance of it in our lives.

Our IT speakers have helped pioneer the technology that we now take for granted on a daily basis. From the desktop computer to the World Wide Web – they were there at the start and continue to stay at the forefront of the industry.

View our technology and IT speakers and contact us today to book one for your event.

Steve Mann <span>&quot;The Father of Wearable Computing&quot;,&nbsp;</span><span>scientist, designer, inventor and&nbsp;</span><span>artist.</span>
Steve Mann

"The Father of Wearable Computing", scientist,…

Paul Armstrong Futurist,&nbsp;Founder of HERE/FORTH.&nbsp;
Paul Armstrong

Futurist, Founder of HERE/FORTH. 

Terry Jones Founder of&nbsp;Travelocity.com and former&nbsp;founding Chairman of Kayak.com, Innovator and Game Changer
Terry Jones

Founder of Travelocity.com and former founding…

Alon Melchner Augmented and Virtual Reality Speaker, Future Tech Expert, Entrepreneur &amp; Visionary
Alon Melchner

Augmented and Virtual Reality Speaker, Future Tech…

Erik Brynjolfsson Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy,Professor at MIT Sloan School&nbsp;and Research Associate at NBER.
Erik Brynjolfsson

Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy,Professor…

Bob Baxley <span>Design executive, author, former&nbsp;</span><span>Head of Product Design at Pinterest and&nbsp;</span><span>Director of Design at Apple.</span>
Bob Baxley

Design executive, author, former Head…

Scott M.  Schlimmer <span>Former CIA officer, founder of Schlimmer Intelligence Consulting</span>
Scott M. Schlimmer

Former CIA officer, founder of Schlimmer Intelligence…

Nell Watson <p class="p1">
 <span class="s1">Co-Founder of OpenEth and&nbsp;</span><span>Co-Founder of Poikos (now QuantaCorp), f</span><span>aculty of AI &amp; Robotics at Singularity University</span></p>
Nell Watson

Co-Founder of OpenEth…

Linda Liukas The&nbsp;<span>author and illustrator of &#39;Hello Ruby&#39; and&nbsp;</span><span>the founder of Rails Girls.</span>&nbsp;
Linda Liukas

The author and illustrator of 'Hello…


Why a technology speaker?

The importance of IT and technology in all aspects of life is undeniable. Our speakers are experts in their chosen field and are some of the most innovative and creative minds in the world.

Whether your delegates are in the technology industry or not, they will benefit from hearing about the latest updates and changes to this fascinating and ever-changing field. Our technology speakers captivate their audiences not only with their past success stories but hints of where the technology world may go next.

All businesses and individuals can take something away from your event as technology encompasses every aspect of modern life.

Our technology and IT speakers

Our speakers are founders of multinational corporations and creators of world-changing technology; they are professors from prestigious universities and they are sought after researchers. They are involved with some of the world's best-loved household names, including Apple Inc, Amazon and WordPress.

Technology pioneers

One of our most popular technology speakers is co-founder of Apple Computers, Steve Wozniak. His entertaining, educational and inspirational addresses have captivated audiences in every corner of the world. He speaks creativity, entrepreneurship and the history of Apple's success.

Other pioneers of modern technology include:

Young innovators

The technology industry has brought out some of the brightest minds of our era, and many are yet to reach their 30th birthday. Pranav Mistry – inventor of Sixth Sense – is one such person.

His passion for technology and his ability to convey that when he speaks makes him a popular choice at events. Named as one of 15 ultimate scientists of Asia to watch for, Mistry will no doubt continue to create cutting-edge technology for years to come.

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