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Bilal Bomani Director of NASA’s Greenlab Research Facility
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Bilal Bomani Speaker Profile

Director of NASA’s Greenlab Research Facility

– Sustainable culture
– Self-sustaining ecosystem
– Sustainable Biofuels
– Renewable energy ecosystem
– Extreme green alternatives
About speaker:

The keynotes by Bilal Bomani discuss extreme green concepts, and focus on a new type of sustainable fuel.

Bilal Bomani is the director of NASA's Greenlab Research Facility, and he emphasizes the importance of products that are sustainable, alternative and renewable. Bilal Bomani earned two master's degrees from Cleveland State University, and his Ph.D. in computer engineering from Case Western University.

He currently is a senior NASA scientist, and runs the Greenlab Research Facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

The keynotes by Bilal Bomani identify the importance of producing products in environmentally and socially conscious ways.

His new type of self-sustaining ecosystem produces biofuels, and does not deplete natural resources because it no fresh water is used.

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