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David Bryon keynote speaker

Former Managing Director airline Bmibaby
  • eCommerce
  • Facilitator
  • Positioning, Marketing and Branding
  • The Airline Industry
  • The Power of the Internet
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David has his energies fixed on building up his own company as well as speaking at a number of business events as well as undertaking regular after-dinner speaking engagements relating tales from the airline industry.

David started in business by accident spending 11 years at Liverpool University doing a degree, PhD and finally some research. He was then given the opportunity to go to America and work at a University in South Carolina. Business is integrated with academia in America (far more so than in the UK), and so he found himself working with small businesses and learning how they worked. He also hosted a talk show on regional cable TV and wrote a weekly newspaper humour column.

David was then offered a position with BMI back in the UK, which he accepted. After two years working for the parent airline, the directors set-up bmibaby with David involved from the start. He was appointed commercial director in 2003 and managing director at the start of 2005. The company grew phenomenally – in just four years the management team took it from nothing to carrying nearly four million passengers.

From running an airline to becoming a well known speaker – it’s a full life – an enviable one – but it’s not been without tragedy, and David has learned to put things into perspective – something that he wishes others could. „My wife and I lost our son to meningitis when he was just 10 months old,” he says. „It was very sudden and our lives were shattered. Immediately everything was put into perspective, and I therefore get frustrated when people place too much emphasis on things that are actually not that important.”

An outstanding business speaker David’s sense of humour and airline knowledge also provide a hilarious and unique insight into the aviation industry that the passenger rarely sees… and he has already established a reputation as an after dinner speaker. His media background also means he is the perfect event host or facilitator, capable of injecting humour into any occasion.

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