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Jeffrey A. Wright keynote speaker

Teacher of the Year and the "Molecule Man"
  • Education
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Self-Motivation
  • Spirituality
  • Team Building
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Jeffrey Wright is a dynamic, humorous speaker with topics ranging from education, spirituality, inspiration, self-motivation, leadership and team building. He has appeared as “Molecule Man” for teachers and children singing the names of all 104 chemical elements in “Touching the Spark”. He has been awarded Twice the Teacher of the Year in USA.

This presentation that not only teaches simple and effective teaching strategies and research, but touches the very heart of the reason to teach and learn as he turns his audience into a human light bulb.

Mr. Wright has also delivered “When God Gives Us Too Much to Handle”, and other pastoral reflections that will make one laugh, cry and feel empowered to do their best. Jeff’s teaching has been recently captured in an award winning documentary by Zach Conkle entitled “Wright’s Law” featured in the New York Times, and he has been a guest on The Doctor’s and the Katie Couric Show. Kentucky’s Commissioner of Education writes, “Your resume is impressive, but it pales when compared to your personality and commitment. That is clear to all who heard you speak.”

The Director of Worship of St. Pius X church wrote, “Your pastoral reflection will live on in my heart forever. I can’t remember a time when I felt so moved…. It’s been a long time. You spoke form your heart and soul and your song was a beautiful gift to be shared with our community.- Chris McCullough”
Jeff Wright is married to Nancy, for 20 years and has 2 children, Abbie and Adam. He presently is a science teacher at Louisville Male high school and is a graduate of Bellarmine University with a BA in Secondary Education and Biology. He continued his education at the University of Louisville where he earned minors in Physics and Chemistry as he completed his Masters in the Arts of Teaching. In 2004, Jeff completed a second Masters in Educational Administration in which he earned a degree as a Specialist in Education. In 2003, Jeff earned National Board Certification which is the highest rank a teacher may receive from the Professional Educational Standards Board, and renewed his NBC in 2013.

Jeff was also awarded the opportunity to study the school systems and culture of Japan in the 2007 Toyota International Teacher Award Program.
Jeffrey Wright has won numerous awards including Teacher of the Year at Trinity High School and Louisville Male High School, the 2000 Ashland Oil Teacher Achievement Award, the 2004 WHAS/LG&E ExCel Award presented by Jefferson County Public Schools, The 2005 Disney Hand National Teacher Award, the 2006 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award presented by Ashland Oil and the Kentucky Department of Education, the 2006 Amgen Teacher Award for Math and Science Teaching, the 2006 Kentucky Metroversity Inc award for Instructional Development presented by the University of Louisville Bingham Foundation, the 2007 Distinguished Graduate Award from Bellarmine University, and was named the recipient of the United States Presidential Award for Math and Science Teaching.

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