Karl Lillrud keynote speaker

E-Commerce and Retail Expert & Keynote speaker
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Future for Retail
  • Hacking Your Life
  • Improving Conversion
  • Let the User Guide You
  • Natural User Interfaces
  • Online Consumer Behavior
  • Online vs Retail
  • Understanding E-Commerce
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With a background in helping global companies to scale their business, to improve efficiency and identify bottle necks within seemingly well oiled organizations, Karl will improve your way of thinking. But also challenge your way of working and the way you address your everyday work life, always moving forward to reach seemingly impossible goals.

He can improve your event or organization as a keynote speaker, a workshop session to identify current bottlenecks. But also to make you understand what lies ahead of you based on the decisions you make today.

Karl has an extensive experience and expertise from ex. E-Commerce, Retail, Web-based, Telecom, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Start-up´s, Fortune 500 companies and more. 
An experience that give him the advantage to see opportunities where others don’t, to take the initiative, being a skilled troubleshooter that systematically identify the best solutions to challenges and problems

„With 21 years in the business I get energized as I inspire and educate an audience on stage doing keynote presentations.”

-Karl Lillrud

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