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Paul Adams keynote speaker

VP of Product design at Intercom, Former Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook, "one of Silicon Valley's most wanted” in 2011 
  • Branding and Design
  • Evolution of Social Networks
  • Product Strategy
  • Social Web and Media
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Paul Adams is the VP of Product Design at Intercom, where he leads future product design and the product roadmap. Intercom is one of the hottest startups right now, we have raised $30 million to date, grown from 15 employees to over 70 in 12 months, and have had double digit organic growth every month for two years.

Paul is broadly recognized as one of the leading thinkers in social design and technology. His work has been widely published and cited, Fortune magazine described Paul as ”one of Silicon Valley’s most wanted“, and his talk on the future of the web is one of the most viewed presentations online.

Paul published his first book Grouped in 2011, which continues to be a primary reference for social marketing and design. Prior to Intercom, Paul worked as the Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook, leading design and marketing projects with the world’s leading brands and ad agencies, including Nike, P&G, Unilever, Coca Cola, and Starbucks.

Paul also worked in product management at Facebook and was one of the company’s foremost speakers on the future of marketing and social design. Prior to Facebook, Paul led social research at Google, where his work was foundational in building Google+. He is a patent holder for the ideas behind Circles, and also worked on Gmail, YouTube and Mobile.

Prior to Google, Paul worked in research and design consultancy for clients including the BBC, The Guardian, Vodafone, and UK Government, and as an Industrial Designer at Dyson.

Paul holds a Master of Science in Interactive Media and a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design. He holds multiple patents from Facebook, Google and Dyson. Follow Paul on Twitter, Facebook or connect on LinkedIn.


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