Sofia Stavropoulou keynote speaker

Entrepreneur, Author, Web-Publisher, Hedge-Fund Founder
  • Clients' Experience : the Special Gravity of an Exceptional Customer Service
  • Effective Management
  • European Affairs
  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Greece and the World
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Relationships and Communication inside the Corporate Environment
  • Self Improvement
  • The True Leverage of Public Relations : Maximizing "Human Factor's” Potential
  • Web Marketing Strategic Planning
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Sofia Stavropoulou  (born in 1967) is an author of books on relationships and her first book of the series on Forex Trading. She’s currently working on Organizing her Forex Trading Training Webinars and Seminars while setting up the foundations for a hedge fund which offers Investors the security of underlying Real Estate Portfolio combined with the dynamics of High Returns generated from assets managed through Sophisticated Trading in the Capital Markets.

Running her own Importing Pharmaceutical Company in Greece since 1992 for 19 years and Medical Multistores, she gained valuable experience in both wholesale and retail sales. She entered the world of Internet Marketing back in 1998 -initially as a Web-Enthusiast- and after investing a lot of time and resources in the field, she ended up building an extended portfolio of Premium Domain Names, found herself among the ranks of Internet Marketers following the “American School of thinking” and developed her own Web-Properties gradually reaching the point of availing her expertise services to businesses in her country.

Sofia was born in Greece, where she lives with her two children. She offers e-Consulting Services to Local Businesses, develops her own Web-Publications and Sites, sets up her Training Webinars on Forex Trading and Internet Marketing and manages her Entrepreneurial Ventures  with her Business Partners among which the Exports of Extra Virgin and Premium Organic Greek Olive Oil Brand and Real Estate Investments.

Sofia’s mother language is Greek,she’s fluent in English and also speaks Italian.  She holds a degree in Dental Medicine from the Athens National and Kapodistrian University.

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