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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is a speakers bureau?

A speakers bureau represents a number high profile individuals / experts / speakers from different industry backgrounds and expertise and engages them with various formats of events around the world. Clients such as major corporations, institutions, non-profit organizations, PR agencies and governments engage our services because of our knowledge of speaker's and finding the most suitable speakers for each event.

If I want to book a speaker for my event, what is the procedure?

Go to our contact us tab to reach out to us via email or telephone or go to the enquiry from page and fill in the form accordingly. You can be rest assured that we will react to your enquiry quickly. One of our consultants will then contact you immediately to discuss the background and budget of your event, suggest a suitable speaker or check the availability of your desired speaker(s). Once your selected speaker(s) is available, we will proceed with all the necessary documentation to formalize the engagement of our speaker(s) with your event.

What kind of events do the speakers attend and what roles can they fulfill?

Our speakers speak at conferences/forums, internal and external business events, endorsements, panel discussions/debates, award ceremonies or board meetings. Our speakers normally provide keynote speeches, answer Q&A’s and thereafter attend luncheons and gala dinners and/or meet and greet selected people at events. Their roles can range from being motivational, educational, moderate events, advisory, promotional purposes or for guest appearances, given that the selected speaker(s) agrees. Selected speakers are flexible with their roles and our consultants will advise you on what roles and topics each speaker can present.

What is the fee code & fee range of the speakers?

The fee range depends on various factors, such as the demand / popularity of the speaker, the speakers rank and exclusivity on a particular theme, the location of the event, the length of the engagement and the level of involvement the speaker will have in your event. The fees overall range from 5,000 EURO to 500,000 EURO, except of a couple of speakers who are above 500,000 EURO. Our service is free of charge as the speaker compensates us. It is always good to remember that there are many speakers from the same category with different fee structures and depending on your budget we will always do our best to suggest the speaker who is relevant to your budget and goal of your event. The fees we quote do not include travel and expenses.

What are the expenses and extra costs, apart from the speaker’s fee?

The fees we provide refer only to the time the speaker will be engaged. Standard speaker expenses are business air travel, accommodation, meals and ground transportation, which should be arranged well before the event to ensure a smooth engagement.

After the speaker is officially engaged, how involved is GSB in arranging the delivery of the speaker?

After the necessary paper work is confirmed to engage the speaker, we will immediately arrange the logistics and administration for the speaker. We will also make sure the necessary material regarding your event is fed through to us to keep the speaker up to date. At least a couple of months before your event, we will arrange a series of conference calls with the speaker and your team to fine tune the speakers presentation and discuss the details of your event. Until the date of your event, we will be constantly in touch with all parties to make sure everything is arranged to make the engagement a success.

Am I able to have contact with the speaker?

Definitely. As mentioned above, during the conference call, which we will moderate, you will have the opportunity to talk with the speaker and just before your event we will provide the speakers contact details for logistical and preparation purposes.