Social Media

Social media is becoming an integral part of life online as social websites and applications proliferate. Most traditional online media include social components, such as comment fields for users. In business, social media is used to market products, promote brands, connect to current customers and foster new business. Social media technologies take many different forms including blogs, business networks, enterprise social networks, forums, microblogs, photo sharing, social gaming, social networks, video sharing, and virtual worlds.

If you’re looking for a way to add value to your upcoming conference or events, consider one of on our social media experts who can give a detailed insight into how different industries have developed and implemented digital marketing strategies.

Macon Phillips

Former leader of White House's digital strategy for President Barack...

Bob Baxley

Design executive, author, former Head of Product Design at Pinterest...

Steve „Buzz” Pearce

Global Head of Design at Skyscanner, Former Principal Design Director...

Randi Zuckerberg

Former Marketing Director, Facebook. Founder & CEO, Zuckerberg Media

Steve Cadigan

Founder & CEO Cadigan Talent Ventures and former VP Talent...

Paul Adams

VP of Product design at Intercom, Former Global Head of Brand...

Jack Dorsey

Co-Founder of Twitter

Christophe Ginisty

Christophe Ginisty is an international public relations guru and a...


Pau Garcia-Milà Pujol

Dynamic entrepreneur surfing the wave of new technologies

Dimitrios Buhalis

Strategic Management and Marketing expert with specialisation in Information Communication...

Soumitra Dutta

Roland Berger Professor of Business and Technology and Founder and...

Gary Vaynerchuk

Social Media Specialist
Bestselling author
American businessman

Dan Gillmor

Founder and Director of the Centre for Citizen Media ...