Economy Speakers

Why are some countries rich and some countries poor? What causes recessions? How can data help us understand the world? Why do we ignore information that could help us make better decisions? What is the potential impact of Brexit?

Each and every day, we’re subjected to tons of economic information from numerous sources, including television, newspapers and magazines, radio, and the Internet. And even with such an overload of data as this, it represents only a minuscule fraction of the monumentally large and complicated puzzle that makes up the economy.

The economy affects everyone. It is a highly complex subject and poses many challenges for governments when it comes to shaping their economic policies. Their decisions will have a degree of impact on business investments and consumer confidence.

What will the potential impact be to finances, industry or country in the coming months or years?

Our speakers are some of the leading experts on the economy and finance and are regularly consulted by governments and industry to provide advice and guidance. They include Nobel prize winning economists, academics from leading institutions, former heads of state, government advisors and CEO’s.

If you need to provide your high level audience with the latest economic information and insights, then you should consider booking one of our sought-after economy and finance speakers at your next business forum.