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We are a truly international speakers bureau with speakers located worldwide in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

We have eleven offices around the Globe (Bartlett, Chicago Area, USA / São Paulo, Brazil / Berlin, Germany/ Gdansk, Poland / Barcelona, Spain / Escaldes, Andorra / London, UK / Nicosia, Cyprus / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia / Seoul, South Korea / Istanbul, Turkey).

we do

We provide motivational, keynote and public speakers for your event. Our speakers are consistently traveling to events while we arrange all the details to ensure a successful engagement.

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As a “Knowledge Providers”,  our mission is to share knowledge worldwide among our clients and their audiences by delivering the insights of our distinguished speakers.

We operate

Our consultants cover all corners of the globe and are especially attentive to the different cultures. We always look to build a productive and long-term relationship with speakers, clients and its employees.

Clients who
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Our clients are large corporations, non-profit organizations, PR agencies and public institutions that expect from the Global Speakers Bureau to make their events successful, valuable and instructive.


Nick Vujicic

“The challenges in our lives are there to STRENGTHEN our CONVICTIONS. They are NOT there to run us over.”

Sebastian Thrun

“Nobody phrases it this way, but I think that artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It’s really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition.”

Sir Richard Branson

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.”

Genevieve Bell

“…It’s not good enough to just keep producing technology with no notion of whether it’s going to be useful. You have to create stuff that people really want, rather than create stuff just because you can…”

Uri Levine

“..At the end of the day if you solve a real problem that it worth solving then it’ll pay back. Even if the journey is complex and hard and there’s always the risk of failure and many of them will be a failure. But go ahead and do it…”

Gary Vaynerchuk

“…You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don’t do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it…”

Seth Godin

“…The challenge, it turns out, isn’t in perfecting your ability to know when to start and when to stand by. The challenge is getting into the habit of starting…”

Peter Diamandis

“…True disruption means threatening your existing product line and your past investments. Breakthrough products disrupt current lines of businesses…”

Pierluigi Collina

“…There are three things a good leader needs: clear vision, good communication skills and a sharp decision-making ability…”

Our experience spans the globe. A decade of expertise and the high number of requests we receive from the market encourage us to continue growing and invest in our development.
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