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Innovation Speakers

Looking to inspire your event attendees to think outside the box? We have a wide range of inspirational innovators available to speak at your next event and to inspire a world where anything is possible.

View the profiles of our innovation speakers and book them for your next event.

Steve Mann <span>&quot;The Father of Wearable Computing&quot;,&nbsp;</span><span>scientist, designer, inventor and&nbsp;</span><span>artist.</span>
Steve Mann

"The Father of Wearable Computing", scientist,…

Terry Jones Founder of&nbsp;Travelocity.com and former&nbsp;founding Chairman of Kayak.com, Innovator and Game Changer
Terry Jones

Founder of Travelocity.com and former founding…

Erik Brynjolfsson Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy,Professor at MIT Sloan School&nbsp;and Research Associate at NBER.
Erik Brynjolfsson

Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy,Professor…

Bob Baxley <span>Design executive, author, former&nbsp;</span><span>Head of Product Design at Pinterest and&nbsp;</span><span>Director of Design at Apple.</span>
Bob Baxley

Design executive, author, former Head…

Nell Watson <p class="p1">
 <span class="s1">Co-Founder of OpenEth and&nbsp;</span><span>Co-Founder of Poikos (now QuantaCorp), f</span><span>aculty of AI &amp; Robotics at Singularity University</span></p>
Nell Watson

Co-Founder of OpenEth…

Linda Liukas The&nbsp;<span>author and illustrator of &#39;Hello Ruby&#39; and&nbsp;</span><span>the founder of Rails Girls.</span>&nbsp;
Linda Liukas

The author and illustrator of 'Hello…

Tom Koulopoulos <p class="p1">
 <span class="s1">One of the industry&rsquo;s leading futurists</span></p>
Tom Koulopoulos

One of the industry’s…

Erik Saelens Brand marketing and Communications Expert. Executive strategy director at Brandhome.
Erik Saelens

Brand marketing and Communications Expert. Executive…

Karlyn Stanley Emerging Technologies Lawyer
Karlyn Stanley

Emerging Technologies Lawyer


Our innovation speakers

At Global Speakers we have brought together a collection of the world's best minds and made them available as keynote speakers for your events. These speakers have demonstrated a strong ability to think outside the box, overcome obstacles and drive change in their field.

The business world is moving at an alarming rate and those who stand still soon get over taken. Success now does not ensure success in the future without innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

Inspire your delegates to dare to think differently with one of our speakers such as Tim Berners-Lee who invented the world wide web – a creation we now take for granted but most of us could not go without or the great scientist Stephen Hawking who has broadened the worlds understanding of the universe and calls on the world to keep discovering.

Why use an innovation speaker for your event?

A large number of formally successful companies fail each year due to a failure to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Success with a product or service can sometimes create a reluctance to change yet this leads to short term success. The most successful organisations are those that constantly innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

If you're looking to inspire your event delegates or team to bring about innovation in the work they do and not let current success or fear of failure get in the way then our speakers could help your next event.

Most of our speakers can travel internationally to be available wherever your event is.

Innovation speakers can:

  • – Reduce the fear of failure
  • – Inspire creative thinking
  • – Motivate delegates to find a better way to work and deliver products and services

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