Rob Lilwall TV Adventurer, Author & Motivational Speaker
  • Embracing Change: Recognizing that the Only Constant in Life is Change, and Hence the Need to Muster Our Creativity and Find Ways Through, Round and Over Unexpected Obstacles and Setbacks
  • Intentional Goal Setting: the Importance of Breaking Our Goals into the Short, Medium and Long Term, Using the SMART Principles, and Acting in an Intentional Way to Make Progress towards Them
  • Practicing Self-Care: Taking Proper Care to Sustain Good Judgment and Avoid Spiraling Morale and Burnout
  • Practicing Self-Discipline: Remembering that Our Self-Discipline Must Start with the Small Tasks, which Make a Significant Difference in Overall Progress, Especially by Circumventing Future Problems
  • Resisting the fear of failure: moving boldly towards decision and action even when the negative voice in ones head or the pessimist in the office insists that it is too hard or too risky.
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Rob Lilwall has travelled tens of thousands of kilometers across the world on foot, by bicycle and by boat, from the Gobi Desert in winter, to the jungles of Papua New Guinea in rainy reason, to the high passes of Afghanistan in summer.

He is the author of two books, and National Geographic has made two television series about his adventures.

Based in Hong Kong, Rob is a sought after corporate speaker across the Asia Pacific region.

When addressing business audiences, he relates the ever growing challenges of the 21st century workplace to his own, at times hilarious, at times deadly serious, trials and tribulations in the wild lands of the earth.

“We have had many conferences, and many after dinner speakers, and without doubt Rob Lilwall was one of the very best. His journey is fascinating and his talk and style highly engaging, filled with humor… It works very well in the corporate environment with great messages about overcoming challenges and being resourceful.”
-Macquarie Capital, Hong Kong

Rob is highly experienced in tailoring his messages to specific desired outcomes of clients, and also gives the option of fun and relevant team breakout activities as part of the session.

His Attitudes of Adventure, drawn from his first hand epic adventures, are ideal for corporate management training and keynote at large scale conferences.

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