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Peter Zinn Cyber Security Expert and Founder of CyberAgents Company
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Peter Zinn Speaker Profile

Cyber Security Expert and Founder of CyberAgents Company

– The future of cyber security
– Speech coaching
– Cyber strategy
– Storytelling
– Blackshades
– Spectacular speaking
About speaker:

Peter Zinn is a cyber agent, cyber security trend watcher and an International Speaker.

His goal is to make the world a more resilient place by sharing tomorrow’s threats today. He has been in ICT for 22 years, starting as a humble C programmer after graduating in Computer Science.

He has been strategic high tech crime advisor for the Dutch police for 8 years, acting as a liaison between law enforcement and the private sector.

As trend watcher and owner of the Dutch company CyberAgents he translates technology and threats to strategies and solutions.

Mr. Zinn is an accomplished, energetic, and award winning speaker. He was European speech champion in 2009, and has been voted best speaker at various prestigious conferences.

He had spoken at Microsoft, RSA, Kaspersky, Interpol and many many more from 20 to 2000 audience. He had coached beginning speakers at Toastmasters, trained professional presenters at PSA Holland, counciled TEDx-speakers, and provided in-company trainings.

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