Knowledge Providers #3 with Michael Altshulert


Episode three of our podcast #KnowledgeProviders features Michael Altshulert, engaging in insightful discussions with our Vice President Sergiusz Zgrzebski.  As a top-tier motivational speaker & success coach, Michael Altschuler shares his invaluable wisdom on motivation and overcoming challenges - both in your personal and professional life. Watch the video below.


Michael’s keynotes are not just speeches; they’re transformative experiences that captivate and inspire audiences like no other. His passion is palpable, leaving a lasting impact on everyone he engages with. With over 95% Five Star reviews, it’s clear that Michael’s message resonates deeply. Companies across America seek his expertise because he doesn’t just talk the talk—he walks, or rather runs, it. Drawing from his diverse experiences, from competing on the hit TV show American Gladiators to founding and selling a multi-million-dollar copier company in his twenties, Michael brings real-world wisdom to the table. He’s shattered sales records in multiple industries, including insurance, within his first three months. Suffice it to say, Michael speaks from a wealth of firsthand experience.