Knowledge Providers #5 with Brandon Williams


In this new episode of our international talk series #KnowledgeProviders we navigate the importance of debriefing, the principles of Just Culture, and debunk the myths surrounding multitasking. Discover these intriguing topics as our Vice President, Sergiusz Zgrzebski, engages in discussion with the exceptional Brandon Williams.

Brandon Williams is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, where he began his journey toward becoming a distinguished leader in both military and civilian realms. With a decorated career as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force, he commanded diverse teams and managed significant assets, honing his skills in leadership and strategic management.

Through his speaking engagements and coaching initiatives spanning a decade, Brandon has become a sought-after keynote speaker renowned for delivering impactful presentations. By sharing lessons learned from the cockpit, he empowers organizations to navigate challenges, foster high reliability teams, and excel in complex environments. His approach combines compelling storytelling, practical frameworks, and tailored workshops, driving tangible results, fostering transformation, and empowering teams to thrive in disruptive landscapes.