Adam Markel keynote speaker

Resilience Researcher, Change Management and Workplace Expert, Best-selling Author
  • Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Create Long-Term Resilience
  • Future Forward: Going Back Is Not an Option; Here’s the Way Forward
  • Got Your Back: Create a Culture of Care & Workplace Well-Being
  • Mental Health: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Strengthen Resilience
  • The 3-Question Workshop: A Deeper Dive into Operationalizing Resilience
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Adam Markel, bestselling author, keynote speaker and resilience researcher, guides individuals and organizations to tap the power of resilience to master the challenges of constant change.

With 18 years as a trial attorney building a multi-million dollar enterprise and 10 years as the CEO of a leading personal development and business training company, Adam has much to share about resilience, culture and change. Yet, some of his most enduring lessons came from his years as an ocean first responder - a life and death environment where Adam learned the importance of cultivating high performance capacity and impeccable teamwork.

In his latest bestselling book, Change Proof, Adam shows how those principles of resilience are equally relevant today for any business that wants to move beyond managing change to actively embracing it and using times of uncertainty, crisis, and chaos to create opportunities and stimulate individual and team growth.

As one of Huffington Post’s top speakers to see and the #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Pivot, Adam’s messages have inspired tens of thousands worldwide. His keynotes, corporate workshops, and business coaching integrate practical business strategies, personal development insights and a unique delivery style to create a high-energy and impactful learning environment.

As part of every engagement, Adam offers the usage of his Resilient Leader Assessment tool. Taken by over 4000 individuals from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies and from non-profits to associations, the assessment provides a powerful measure of your organization’s resilience level and capacity to thrive.

The assessment is an online survey, consisting of 16 multiple choice questions. It’s a very simple tool that can be completed within 2-4 minutes. Clients send it out in advance of the event. Each respondent receives their own resilience score, how their score breaks down into 4 quadrants and other insights about their resilience. Adam then uses the aggregated group results in his presentation to further engage the audience and bring the content to life.

Adam is currently the CEO of the More Love Media Group, a TEDx speaker and influencer, and host of The Change Proof Podcast, facilitating insightful discussions with business leaders and social innovators and sharing strategies to fully embrace an uncertain world and build Change Proof organizations.

Adam is continuously inspired by his wife of more than 30 years and their 4 amazing children.


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