Alain Robert keynote speaker

French Rock and Urban Climber
" The French Spider-Man"

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Spiderman Alain Robert is one of the most famous men on earth. His legendary feats, climbing over 160 of the world’s tallest buildings ‚with his bare hands’ have brought him celebrity status in every country on earth.

His amazing life story is truly inspirational. In 1982 when he was 19, he was a famous climber in France, regularly featuring on the covers of its national magazines. However, a major fall in that year, while assisting a group of young climbers, left him with many broken bones and in a coma.

After months in hospital undergoing numerous procedures, his surgeon, who was a climber too, told Alain he would never climb again. He said that in all his years he had never seen such a shattered body and hands.

On leaving hospital Alain returned to his hometown. His career was in ruins. In fact, he was so weakened from his many injuries that he could not even lift up a cup of coffee. Also, as a consequence of the fall, he was left permanently 66% disabled and suffering from vertigo and epilepsy.

However, after 2 weeks back at home feeling sorry he decided he just had to do something to help speed up his recovery. He figured that if he had 34% of his body still functioning, then he was determined to try to get the maximum from it.

The Wall – Near his home Alain found a wall. It was only 3 meters [10ft] high, but it was more than 250 meters [800ft] long. His plan was not to climb up the wall, but to climb across it. For the first couple of months all he could do was go to the wall and lean against it. Nevertheless, he continued visiting the wall 4 times every day ‘just to lean against it’.

Eventually some strength began to return and he was able to move his hands on the wall. Each time, he would mark the point he had reached with chalk. His plan was to keep pushing a little further, then further. Although he continued to visit the wall 4 times every day, it nevertheless took him 2 years to finally make it all the way across its 250 meters width. In those 2 years he had made around 3000 trips to the wall.

Incredibly, after this time and despite of his disabilities, this phenomenal perseverance had turned him into an even better climber than he was before his accident. He was able to return to free-solo climbing mountains, cliffs and gorges. Then in 1995 in the USA he climbed his first skyscraper. Alain has since gone on to climb 160 of the tallest buildings on earth, with nothing more than his bare hands and a little chalk-dust.

In a sport where few climbers become famous and none make any real money, Alain’s heroic feats have not only made him wealthy, they have also raised him to international celebrity status. His friends and fans include members of royal families, sheikhs, world leaders and celebrities. Climbers worldwide acknowledge him as being the greatest climber who ever lived, and the incredible Alain Robert has now been included in the World Hall of Fame of Top 100 athletes all time. Others in the list include Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Pele, Mark Spitz, Maradona, etc.


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