Arnd Zschiesche keynote speaker

Brand Sociologist, Brand Technician, Managing Director and Founder of the Office for Brand Development
  • Brand Architectures
  • Brand Assessments
  • Complex Brand Analysis
  • Trust as an International Currency
  • Trust Building
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Prof. Dr. Arnd Zschiesche, often referred to as “Germany’s No. 1 brand expert,” is co-founder and – since 2006, together with Oliver Errichiello – managing director of the Büro für Markenentwicklung/Office for Brand Development. For 22 years, he has been answering all types of questions about strategic management and the long-term oriented implementation of brands. The brand sociologist focuses on the analysis of the brand’s genetic code, self-similar brand management/communication, complex brand architectures, and the targeted use of positive prejudices about origins to strengthen brands. After studying brand and economic sociology in Hamburg and Hamilton/New Zealand, he worked for Deutsche Lufthansa and in the strategic planning department of a global advertising agency, as well as at the Institut für Markentechnik in Geneva and elsewhere.

In his specialist and resource books on brand management and on lecture stages, the keynote speaker captivates his audience with clear rejections of money-destroying brand experiments and extreme advertising madness, and he pleads for a “normal” approach to branding. He has been a lecturer in brand management at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts since 2011 and a professor of marketing at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences and Arts since 2021, as well as scientific director of the Institute for Regional Marketing Research and Consulting (RegioMar) in Heide, Germany. On German TV station ARD’s “Brand Check,” “Plus-Minus,” and “Today Show,” and in various other TV and media formats, the Lübeck native pointedly explains brand phenomena and their social causes and effects.

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