Lars Hamberg keynote speaker

CEO and Co-Founder of Gavagai, Innovation and Big Data Expert
  • AI & Advanced Analytics
  • AI and Advanced Analytics in Production, Selection, Marketing and Distribution of Asset Management Products
  • AI, Language Models and Prediction Modelling and the Changing Landscape for Money Managers
  • Digital Transformation in Banking
  • How AI Is Changing Financial Services
  • Innovation and New Thinking in Financial Services
  • Innovation Asset Management
  • Innovation in Wealth Management
  • New Business Trends
  • New Technology & FinTech
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Lars Hamberg is a financial industry expert and founder of several businesses in financial training, analytics, asset management, AI & IT-software, including the winner of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurship Prize, and runner-up in Entrepreneur of the Year by, Internet World. Lars has become a frequent speaker on New Thinking and Innovation in Financial Services in various forums and he has over 20 years experience, having worked for UBS and ABN AMRO in senior roles, including head of research, for AFAM, as portfolio manager, for Gavagai, as CEO, and after the Icelandic crisis he was responsible for restructuring Glitnir AB, as CEO.

His academic record includes language studies, a LLM degree from Stockholm University and PhD studies at LTU. He has written a book on counter-party risk in OTC-derivatives trading and he has served as arbiter at the SCC Arbitration Institute.

Lars expertise includes New Business Trends, New Thinking and Innovation in Financial Services: AI and Advanced Analytics, FinTech, Digital Transformation, Automation, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Robo Advisory, New Distribution Models, Customer Experience, Insights Technology, Alternative Data, Executive AI strategies, Growth Hacking, and Online Asset Gathering Strategies in Wealth and Asset Management.

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