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Science Researcher, Author, Award-Winning Documentarian, International Presenter, University Lecturer, Futurist
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Michael Horn is recognized as the world’s leading authority on UFOs. He has over 40 years of experience as a science researcher and began his study and research into what are known as the Billy Meier UFO contacts, in 1979.

Michael likes to say that he’s the only UFO researcher to be “interrogated” for three months by US military intelligence. In January 2017, he received an unexpected phone call from a gruff sounding man who only said his name was Joe and that he was an “investigator”. Mincing no words, Joe said he’d happened upon Michael‘s research into the Meier contacts online, regarded it as a hoax and was “inviting” Michael to substantiate his claims. Joe’s intense, probing, two-hour Saturday morning phone calls ceased at the end of March, as abruptly as they’d began. Michael next heard from him in the middle of August. In the same in-your-face style, Joe began his call assuming agreement, “It’s Joe, still talk to me? Good. Okay, now I’ll tell you who I am and I’ll tell you about your Billy Meier UFO case.”

Michael learned that Joe Tysk was a former high-level investigator and supervisor for the USAF OSI and Department of State, tasked with protecting the United States and the population. The email that Joe directed him to, showed close-up photos of a table top full of official military documents with glowing testimonials substantiating what he said. Tysk had taken the preceding five months to thoroughly delve into the information, beginning with the earliest UFO evidence from 1964, in India. The article by the reputable reporter, S. Venkatesh, in the prominent Delhi Statesman newspaper, about the then 27 year-old Meier - and his album of 80 UFO photos – had gotten his attention. Tysk focused on the crucial question: How did this young vagabond, with a primitive 1940s camera, take 80 UFO photos in a remote part of rural India?

He considered the subsequent hundreds of incomparable UFO photos, films and other evidence Meier had presented for examination in the 1970s, after he’d lost his left arm, and the independent photo and film analyses by experts from JPL, NASA, McDonnell Douglas, IBM and award-winning special effects experts, etc. It was the 1970s UFO photographs that the late US astronaut, Gordon Cooper, saw and about which remarked, “Very fine, very fine, they were absolutely authentic.”

Tysk presented Michael with an even more comprehensive, detailed analysis confirming precisely what Michael had originally concluded and published, in 2010: Meier didn’t possess the necessary means, motive, or opportunity to hoax the evidence. He not only concluded the Meier case was 100% authentic but, quite surprisingly, volunteered to debate any skeptics on the matter. Since the publication of Tysk’s analysis, no skeptics have accepted his offer.

Even though Michael’s one of over 100 eyewitnesses of the craft himself, his research went far beyond the UFO phenomenon, focusing on what he considers an even “higher standard of proof”. Found only in the Meier evidence, are hundreds of examples of specific, error-free, previously unknown scientific, environmental and geopolitical information published by Meier up to decades before “official discovery” and which could only have been provided by persons far more knowledgeable than him.

Michael’s authentication of this evidence, through publication copyright verification, attracted the attention and respect of professionals outside the UFO field. Former prosecutor and trial lawyer Robert Joyner assessed Michael’s scientific and empirical scrutiny of the Meier evidence as beyond a reasonable doubt, saying that he possesses “a great mind with a tremendous capacity towards critical and discriminative thinking skills”.

As a guest at one of Michael’s presentations in Los Angeles, former McDonnell Douglas astronautical engineer and theoretical physicist, Dr. David Froning, confirmed that he and his colleagues had made breakthroughs in their understanding of possibilities for interstellar flight through the study of Meier’s information. Aerospace engineer, Matthew Wieczkiewicz, who worked for NASA, Honeywell and Boeing on projects like the Space Shuttle and International Space Station, came forward to support Meier’s authenticity.

Michael is also a member of the A-Team, which also includes people like former VP Director of Operations for Orbital Flight Systems, Kenneth Smith, former Pentagon analyst and mathematician, Harry Lear, Swedish scientist Christer Swenson, and others who were initially alerted to the grave danger posed to earth by asteroid Apophis, from the information provided to, and published by, Billy Meier, in 1981 – 23 years before NASA “officially discovered” it.

While he doesn’t focus on the UFO evidence, ironically Michael is the discoverer of never before seen, 1981 photos of one of the UFOs interacting with a, then top secret, US Stealth fighter, at Groom Lake, Nevada.

As Michael says, “The confirmed existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life would be the single most important development in all of science and human history…exceeded only by contact with such beings. I think we’ll find that these contacts literally hold the key to our future survival.”

Prepare to determine for yourself if such contacts are still ongoing, in Switzerland, for almost 80 years, and what this means to you.


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