Nick Hobson keynote speaker

Chief Behavioral Scientist at The Behaviorist, Business Strategist, Lecturer and Designer
  • Illusory Perspectives, Impeachment Inquiries, and Selecting a Brand Logo
  • The Entrepreneurial Personality Profile
  • The Philosophy of Behavioral Economics
  • What Harvard Research Says the Best Bosses Can Do to Keep Winners from Quitting
  • Your Brain Is a Prediction-Making Machine
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Nick Hobson, Ph.D. is a behavioral science strategist and designer.

He consults, practices, researches, and writes on topics related to the psychology of workplace performance and consumer behavior. He has a PhD in behavioral neuroscience from the University of Toronto. As a scientist-turned practitioner, his mission is threefold:

• build bridges between the scientific community and different business stakeholders
• solve difficult problems using behavioral science and advanced data analytics
• understand the meaning behind how humans work, consume, and interact with one another

He has written for Business Insider, Forbes, Inc, Vice, Quartz, Psychology Today, among others. Nick's research and work has been covered on NPR's Hidden Brain, History Channel, Discovery Magazine, and Time.

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