Cyber security

Cyber Security is becoming an increasingly important issue for businesses and governments worldwide, with the financial and reputational cost of data breaches creating significant headaches for those who are unprepared. Eliminating threats is impossible, so protecting against them without disrupting business innovation and growth has become a top priority. Companies must now fend off ever-present cyberattacks – the threat of cybercriminals or even disgruntled employees releasing sensitive information, taking intellectual property to competitors, or engaging in online fraud.

Given the increasing pace and complexity of the threats, corporations must adopt approaches to cybersecurity that will require much more engagement from the CEO and other senior executives. We heard many respondents say that CEOs and other senior executives inquire how to “solve” cybersecurity. Corporations need to acknowledge that it is an ongoing battle. New digital assets and mechanisms for accessing them simply mean new types of attacks.

Our Cyber Security speakers have dealt with the severest cyber attacks in history, helped track-down cybercriminals and exposed serious security flaws found with some of the leading tech companies. They regularly consult businesses and governments to help them stay ahead of the cybercriminals and emerging threats. By booking one of our cyber security speakers at your next company event, your organisation will get an exclusive insight on the methods and strategies used by the leading experts.