Entrepreneurship & Start up Speakers

Entrepreneurs can be considered the super humans of the world. Their business skills include being smart, creative, and ambitious. At its core, entrepreneurship is a mind-set – a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. Fundamentally, entrepreneurship is about the ability to recognize and methodically analyse an opportunity, and ultimately, to capture its value.

The start-up culture, or start-up mind-set, features several key characteristics, including a commitment to innovation and a willingness to take risks and make decisions quickly. Whether start-up entrepreneurs solve a problem that many struggle with each day, bring people together in a way no one has before, or build something revolutionary that advances society, they all have one thing in common: action.

Booking one of our experienced business entrepreneurs or executives will give your event or conference just what it needs, whether that be motivation, strategy, ideas, concepts or invaluable insight.

Jules Miller

Co-founder of IBM Blockchain Ventures and Prose Ventures. Head of...

Howard Behar

Former President of Starbucks.
Architect of Starbuck's iconic 'people first'...

Alexander Osterwalder

Inventor of Business Model Canvas.
Co-founder of strategyzer.com and lead...

Subir Chowdhury

Renowned Thought-Leader on Quality and Management,
Best Selling Business Author

Camille Wardrop Alleyne

American Aerospace Engineer & Space Scientist,
Tech Entrepreneur

Ishan Gupta

Managing Director, Udacity India,
Former Facebook, Paytm & Founder of EduKart,...

Dhiraj Mukherjee

Co-founder of Shazam & An Experienced Digital Business Executive

Ioannis Ioannou

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business...

Italo Cardoza

Founder and Executive Director of ZONBI Activation Agency

Alon Melchner

Augmented and Virtual Reality Speaker, Future Tech Expert, Entrepreneur &...

Mary Spio

Founder & President, Next Galaxy Corp

Uri Levine

An Entrepreneur & An Entrepreneurs Mentor,
The Founder of Waze,...

Ulrich Dietz

Founder of Code-n, Group CEO of GFT Technologies AG, German...

Tim Clark

Teacher, NEXT-certified trainer, and entrepreneur
Author or editor of five...

Seth Godin

World’s Foremost Marketing Provocateur & Entrepreneur

Boyd Cohen

Climate strategist, researcher, professor and entrepreneur with a focus on...

Sebastian Thrun

Former VP and Fellow Researcher at Google, Co-founder of Udacity,...


Pau Garcia-Milà Pujol

Dynamic entrepreneur surfing the wave of new technologies

Ramak Radmard

Design philosophies are fundamental guiding principles that dictate the process...


Sofia Stavropoulou

Entrepreneur, Author, Web-Publisher, Hedge-Fund Founder

Derreck Kayongo

Founder of the Global Soap Project and top 10 CNN...

Gunter Pauli

Entrepreneur, author, and founder of the Zero Emissions Research and...

Rodolfo Gonzalez Gatica

Entrepreneur, Writer, Executive and International Consultant

Wayne Hemingway

Co Founder of Red Or Dead Fashion Label

Karren Brady

CEO of West Ham United Football Club, Senior Non-Executive Director...