Yuval Noah Harari

Famous historian, philosopher and the bestselling author of Sapiens: A...

Moriba Jah

American Space Scientist and Aerospace Engineer

Kevin Kelly

Sales Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author

Mariana Atencio

Award-Winning Journalist & Author,
Co-Founder of GoLike

Wayne Lee

Peak Performance Expert

Frank Schulenburg

Executive Director Wiki Education Foundation

Rex Pemberton

The Youngest Australian to Climb Mt Everest, Leadership and Team...

Fredrik Haren

An Expert on Business Creativity, Innovation and Global Business.

Jamie Foxx

Award-Winning Actor & Musician

Ziauddin Yousafzai

Malala Fund Co-Founder and Board Member

Oliver Stone

The Legendary Film Maker
Four times Oscar Winner

Scott Amyx

Internet of Things Expert, Smart City Accelerator & Managing Partner...

Khoo Swee Chiow

Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker, Author & Photographer

Leon Kaulahao Siu

Foreign Minister for the Hawaiian Kingdom

Dhairya Dand

Award winning researcher, designer & engineer, currently running ODD Industries...

Martina Navratilova

Wimbledon legend and Gay rights activist

Jeff Kreisler

Author, Pundit, Satirist & Champion of Behavioral Science

Lior Zoref

Bestselling Author, Mindsharing: The Art of Crowdsourcing Everything. Former VP...

Sunny Grosso

Coaching and Culture Chief at Delivering Happiness

Jenn Lim

CEO & Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness. Culture Book...

Diego Simeone

Former captain of the Argentine national football team
Coach of...

Simon Anholt

Independent consultant, author and advisor
Creator of the Good Country...

Alain Robert

French Rock and Urban Climber
" The French Spider-Man"

Mahmoud Kaabour

Award-winning documentary filmmaker & founder of Veritas Films

Rob Lilwall

Adventurer, Author & Speaker

Ismael Cala

Anchor and Producer for CNN en Español, Journalist, Inspirational Author...

Maickel Melamed Trujillo

Venezuelan's most famous long-distance runner, motivational speaker, financing coach, teacher...

Anna Olson

Famous Celebrity Chef
Host of Food Network Canada’s 'Bake with...

Tim Clark

Teacher, NEXT-certified trainer, and entrepreneur
Author or editor of five...

Brenda Romero

Award-winning game designer, artist, writer and creative director

Dan Reisel

Research Fellow in Epigenetics

Dan Buettner

National Geographic photographer

Marco Piva

Exciting, fluid, functional. This is the language that distinguishes Marco...

Carlos Páez Rodriguez

An Uruguayan “Cordillera de los Andes” survivor

Genevieve Bell

Anthropologist, Researcher and Intel Fellow and a Vice President in...

Allan Pease

“Mr Body Language”

Sugata Mitra

Professor on Educational Technology at Newcastle University, 2013 TED Prize...

Jonathan Scott

Naturalist, Artist and Photographer, BBC co-resenter

Boris Brott

Founder, Symphony Nova Scotia

Ricky Burdett

Professor of Urban Studies at the London School of Economics...

Ben Roche

Executive pastry chef of Moto restaurant in Chicago. Food specialist...

Adriano Zumbo

Australia's Master patissier
King of the Croquembouche

Pepper de Callier

Founder & Executive Director Prague Leadership Institute

Larry Kudlow

"Kudlow & Company" Anchor, "The Call" Co-Anchor

Stephen Sackur

BBC HARDtalk's presenter, 'International TV personality of the year' by...

Nazanine Moshiri

Presenter and Correspondent for Al Jazeera English

Mark DeVolder

“The Change Specialist”, Authority on Change Management and Employee Engagement

Chester Elton

Best Selling Business Author, Co-Creator of The Carrot Principle

Todd Benjamin

Former CNN Financial Editor, Financial and Economic Expert, Moderator and...

Gabor George Burt

Global Expert on Re-Imagining Boundaries & Blue Ocean Strategy

Eddie Obeng

Founder of Pentacle Business School

Benjamin Zander

Founder and Conductor of Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

Clive Woodward

Director of the British Olympic Association


Brian Turner

Ready Steady Cook
British Chef

Rebecca Stephens

First British woman to climb Mount Everest


John Sergeant

Former BBC'S Chief Political Correspondent

Tim Sebastian

Presenter of BBC's HARDtalk

Araceli Segarra

First Spanish woman who summited Mount Everest

Debra Searle

English Professional Adventurer, TV Presenter, Author & Entrepreneur

Bertrand Piccard

Doctor, Aviator, Initiator and Pilot of Solar Impulse

Matthew Pinsent

Multiple Olympic Gold Medallist

Andrew Neil

Famous British TV Presenter

Cathy O’Dowd

The First Woman who Climbed Mount Everest from Both Sides...

Robin Oakley

Political Commentator for CNN

Fabio Mastrangelo

Conductor of Virtuosi Di Toronto

Jolly Kunjappu

Percussionist and Composer

Bruno Giussani

European Director of the TED Conferences

Greg Dyke

Chairman of the British Film Institute
Former Director General of...

David Davies

Former Executive Director of the Football Association

Pierluigi Collina

Most Famous Football Referee, Chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee...

Ricardo Bofill

Famous Spanish Architect

Vijay Amritraj

Former Tennis Champion & Sports Commentator