Why ESG for business is more important now than ever? Top keynote speakers for your next event.

Why ESG for business is more important now than ever? Top keynote speakers for your next event.


You've surely noticed by now that days, when corporations could do whatever they wanted and not be held accountable, are long gone. Today, companies are trying to develop a culture that encourages all employees and other stakeholders to save energy, cut costs, reduce waste and enhance other environmental factors. Why? It's simple - sustainability benefits corporations!  The concept of corporate social responsibility is a very broad strategy with many actions that can be implemented in your business strategy. A company interested in environmental, social, and corporate governance approach pays attention to local communities, the natural environment, and its employees.

From a social perspective, issues such as corporate labor practices, talent management, product safety, and data security are discussed. If you look at the whole thing from a corporate governance perspective, special attention is given to board diversity, executive compensation, and business ethics, which are considered an integral part of a company's sustainability program.

One thing is certain, ESG is a critical responsibility for all companies, regardless of the size or the industry.  If you're planning an event where the topic of ESG will be discussed, you came to the right place. To make it easier for you, we decided to share with you the list of our most requested speakers, world-class experts on the topic!


Keynote speaker #1 - Robert G. Eccles


The world's leading academic expert on integrated reporting and the creation of sustainable strategies. In 2018, Eccles was named as one of the top 20 influencers in ESG investing and cited for being an “ESG research trailblazer.” Ioannis Ioannou will convince you that sustainability is not just an obligation, but a thing that pays off! In particular, he seeks to understand if, how, and to what extent the contemporary business organization contributes to building a sustainable future.


robert g eccles keynote speaker


Keynote speaker #2 Ioannis Ioannou


A leading expert on how companies strategically integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their processes and structures and how the investment community perceives, evaluates and reacts to such corporate attempts to integrate ESG.

ioannis ioannou eynote speaker

Check the list of his most-requested keynote topics:

Becoming a Sustainable Organisation
Big ideas to change the way we do business
Corporate Responses to Socio-Environmental Pressures
Embedding Responsibility into Organisation
Sustainability and Financial Performance
Sustainability/ESG and Capital Markets
Sustainable Business Models

Watch his keynote here → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EquLX6mwbg


Keynote speaker #3 - Steven Chu


A physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. From 2009 to 2013, Steven Chu served as the United States Secretary of Energy in Barack Obama's cabinet.


steven chu keynote speaker


Keynote speaker #4 - Christiana Figueres


An internationally recognized leader in global climate change. Christiana Figueres is an internationally known leader on global climate change. She served as Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change from 2010 to 2016.


chistiana figueres keynote speaker


Keynote speaker #5 - Martin Eberhard


Engineer, entrepreneur, inventor, and co-founder of Tesla, Inc. Eberhard served as Tesla's original chairman and CEO until late 2007.


martin eberhard


Keynote speaker #6 -  George Serafeim


Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and pioneering authority on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and implementation.  He is also Senior Partner and Co-Founder of KKS Advisors.


George Serafeim


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