Andrea Isoni

Founder and Director of AI Technologies, Andrea Isoni is at the forefront of AI innovation with revolutionary work on the Brain-Computer Interface and machine learning. Through his phenomenal company, he finds the most creative solutions for his clients using advanced AI technologies including Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. As an emerging leader in the field of AI, Andrea has travelled the world to attend prominent events such as Social Media Week New York, Social Media Week London, Hack 2021 and 2022 Saudi Arabia, DTX22 London and IDC CIO Summit Dubai to name a few.

Andrea is currently an ISO committee member for AI policies and an IEEE committee member for AI policies. He worked with VC and PE firms to help on acquisitions and investments specifically on tech Due Diligence, AI strategy post acquisitions and governance.

Andrea holds multiple qualifications including a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Universita degli Studi di Cagliari, a master’s in Statistical Physics from Sapienza Universita di Roma and a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics from the prestigious Imperial College London. He has over a decade of experience in technology roles such as Software Developer Collaborator for Leonard Software House Srl, Data Science Fellow for The ASI, and Data Scientist for Grip. He was also a Data Scientist/ Financial analyst for the Breakfastclub.xvz, Co-founder of and Associate at Harvey Milton.

In 2017 Andrea became an Advocate for Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates, this was followed by the launch of Argutia Intelligence and his role as Advisor for Antler. Sharing his deep insight into AI, Andrea launched his book Machine Learning for the Web, which is specifically written to help emerging data scientists understand complex AI technologies in simplistic and clear terms. The book has since been translated into multiple languages including English, Chinese and Korean. In 2018 he was interviewed by Social Media Week, where he offered his insight into the future of AI.

As the Director of the cutting-edge company AI Technologies, Andrea is pushing for the introduction of AI technologies into mainstream applications and is working on advancing technologies such as the Brain-Computer Interface. Under his lead the company has managed innovation projects for many large institutions, including UK government, Asian Telecommunications and gaming and consumer companies to name a few.  He is exceedingly passionate about his work and showcases an in-depth understanding of AI technology which can be witnessed in his exceptional speaking engagements. Andrea brings energy, passion, and his latest findings in the world of AI to deliver informative presentations with many valuable takeaways.