Donald Hyun Kiolbassa

Donald Hyun Kiolbassa is an Attorney/CPA with a focus on Corporate Law, Tax Law, and Real Estate Law.  Over the past 17 years as an Attorney, Donald has represented over 8,000 clients.  Prior to Law, he was a CPA at KPMG LLP.  Donald is an Ambassador for the National Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce.

When not practicing law, Donald is a Martial Arts Motion Capture Model behind some of the biggest action video games in the industry, including but not limited to Mortal Kombat 9, 10, and 11.

Donald has done public speaking all over the country on Entrepreneurship. Donald's talk mainly focuses around his best-selling book Tao of the Side Hustle, which launched at 21 in business books in the country, and can be found at Barnes and Noble.

Tao of the Side Hustle blends Martial Arts, Business, and Buddhism to guide the reader from Side Hustle to Scale.