Ana Aymerich

Ana Aymerich occupies the 1st position WORLDWIDE in the ranking of Experts in Engagement, thanks to the results obtained in increased engagement and productivity of the companies that work with her in transformation processes, among her clients which are, IBEX 35 companies.

She accompanies company management committees and their leaders, ensuring that professionals work sustainably at their highest capacity, transforming the culture and leadership of companies in a practical and measurable way. It has impacted more than 12,000 professionals, reaching a 416% increase in Engagement, with direct results in the business: 23% increase in profitability, 17% in productivity, 66% in well-being and 18% in sales.

Ana feels privileged to be able to transform companies by transforming lives and greatly enjoys leaving a legacy, being a partner of Engage&Grow Global which has a presence in 87 countries, she is a speaker at local Spanish and international business events, a mentor for Managers in business schools, an Executive Coach and also Advisor to the management committee of companies in different sectors.

Ana is internationally certified in Engagement and in Behavioural skills, motivation, Emotional Intelligence and Human Skills for the diagnosis, development and Management of talent within organizations, both at the individual and team level.

Ana says; “Commitment comes from a person’s freedom, from the inside out, will and passion cannot be bought because these are gifts. Professionals must know each other, feel listened to, be liked, recognized, perceive that they contribute to a greater good, they must feel free and work in a safe environment that challenges them and allows them to unfold their maximum potential.”

Ana’s mission is to humanize society through companies, ensuring that professionals love their work and become a better version of themselves every day, positively impacting the people around them and activating their potential.

Her dynamic conferences are authentic experiential experiences that allow you to reflect, get to know yourself better and EXPERIENCE new tools in a practical way. They are designed to engage and motivate the audience, sharing their personal and professional stories and experiences, providing practical information and strategies that attendees decide to apply immediately in their lives.