Oliver Errichiello

The brand sociologist has many years of experience as an international brand consultant, including at the Institut für Markentechnik in Geneva, and as a strategic planner in renowned advertising agencies. After studying socioeconomics and psychology in Hamburg and Lyon, he worked as a marketing manager. He is known as the pioneer of European Brand Management and Strategy.

Oliver Errichiello regularly appears in European media (including ARD’s “Brand Check” and on other major TV networks). He serves as a lecturer for brand management at the University of Hamburg and at the Universities of Lucerne and Bremen. From 2007 on, Errichiello developed and was responsible for the eco-design brand wooden radio (winner of the G-Mark and INDEX-Design Award, among others, and nominated for the German Design Award). Errichiello is an expert in brand and advertising strategies, the genetic code of the brand, green brand management (CSR), and sustainable positioning.

In 2018, Errichiello was appointed as honorary professor for “Brand Sociology/Brand Management” at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences in Saxony.

He heads the branding and product development, as well as the innovation lab, of Deutsche Seereederei, an active holding company that provides strategic leadership, management, and financing functions to its subsidiaries (including A-ROSA Resorts, Hotel NEPTUN, HENRI Hotels).