Yossi Ghinsberg

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, with 3 years experience in the Israeli navy, Yossi was inspired by the nomadic Bedouins of the Sinai and decided to explore the world, till this day he sleeps in a tent every single night. With philosophy and Business degrees and an ever adventurous spirit, he immersed himself in business across industries.

The visionary founder of ‘Chalalan’ the most celebrated Ecolodge in the Bolivian Amazon where he was initiated as one of the Uchupiamona tribe. Yossi is a practical defender of the environment and its people.

As vice president of CITA he brought massive disruption to the opiate addiction field, opening twelve centers in twelve different cities globally from Mexico to China, introducing rapid detox under general anesthesia. He wrote two books, one which sold millions of copies worldwide. He published two albums and produced ‘Jungle’ a major Hollywood movie.

His design gallery ‘Collecteco’ pioneered the use of driftwood and scrap fishing boats. He is a naive dreamer who dares to manifest at any cost. His three years in Silicon Valley as tech entrepreneur yielded a colossal collapse with grave personal consequences. And yet he has got one more disruption attempt up his sleeve. He believes that as long as there is another iteration there is no such thing as failure.

He is a top tier business speaker, a humanitarian and a father to four children.