Millán Ludeña

Millán Ludeña is an internationally recognized keynote speaker known for his role in the inspiring movie "From Core to Sun," where he connected the deepest point on Earth with the one closest to the Sun, earning him a Guinness World Record. He is considered one of the main inspirational references in Latin America.

Millán Ludeña's conferences are inspirational and motivational, focused on personal challenge and overcoming limits. With more than 250 conferences in 11 countries and over 130,000 people inspired, his talks have been praised by audiences.

Millán Ludeña has been recognized by the National Assembly of Ecuador and was declared the 'Most Inspiring Man' of the year by Men's Health magazine in London. He was also awarded the Blue Horizons medal by the United States Air Force. He has given six TEDx Talks and his videos and interviews have garnered over 250,000 views. Additionally, he obtained first place in certification as an EXMA Speaker.