Paul Viollis

Prior to assuming the Chief Executive position of Viollis Group International, Paul's professional business resume includes: CEO of Risk Control Strategies; President & CEO of Corporate Risk Consulting; Senior Managing Director for Citigate Global Intelligence & Security; and Vice President at Kroll, where he served on their post September 11th Threat Assessment Team.

Over Paul's storied career in both law enforcement and security, he developed a diverse b ase of skills in various areas of the criminal justice system, ranging from his position as supervisor for the New York County's District Attorney's Office's Criminal Court Unit, Security Specialist/Supervisor under the United States Space Command, and CO of a Florida State Police Academy. He is a renowned public speaker and has served as a subject matter expert in private client security, workplace violence, behavioral analysis, workplace security and counter terrorism threat assessment.

Paul is the author and lead editor for Jane's Publishing's book"Workplace Security': Contributing Editor for Jane's "School Safety Handbook" "Teachers Safety Guide" and "Crisis Communications Handbook" and most recently co-authored his marquee book, "Silent Safety - Best Practices for Protecting the Affluent': In addition, he tours yearly on the speaking circuit, presenting on issues ranging from workplace violence, private client security and workplace security. Paul is a regular contributor on FOX Business' Neal Cavuto Show and has appeared and been quoted in media outlets, including CNN, INSIDE ADDITION, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, Reuters, ABC, CNBC, CBS, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, The NewYork Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall StreetJournal Radio, National Public Radio, CSO, Forbes, Robb Report, Worth, Business Insurance and CFO magazine. Paul is the host of the TV Show " The Security Brief With Paul Viollis" and the CBS podcast of the same name.

His professional affiliations include the Florida Police Chiefs Association, lnfraGard, Business Executives for National Security. Paul holds the distinction of Honorary Assistant Attorney General for the State of Louisiana. He holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Public Administration, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy.

Shawnee Delaney

Intelligence poacher-turned-gamekeeper Shawnee Delaney is a decorated Intelligence Officer and licensed Private Investigator who has conducted thousands of public and private investigations. She is an Insider Threat expert who deploys war stories, humour and charm to bring unrivalled insight into the nexus of espionage and the corporate world.

A certified Case Officer and alumni of “The Farm”, the CIA’s iconic training facility; Shawnee spent nearly a decade with the Defense Intelligence Agency conducting clandestine Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations all over the world, including four combat zone tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. On occasion she tells the story of the time Al-Qaeda issued a fatwa against all female intelligence officers and tried to kidnap her. Thereafter, alongside the Department of Homeland Security, she coordinated and managed intelligence community relationships in the protection of U.S. critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.

Shawnee’s civilian client back catalogue boasts industries including celebrated big Pharma and big Tech. She led the development and implementation of Uber’s first ever Insider Threat program, with special focus on their autonomous vehicles program. She also led complex corporate investigations all over the globe targeting fraud, platform abuse, data exfiltration, and attribution of unauthorized disclosures.

At Merck Pharmaceuticals Shawnee Delaney created and personally delivered a cutting-edge training program to over 5,000 employees as part of their Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets protection program. She set a record for positive employee feedback which, to her knowledge, still stands to this day. Creating interactive, multidisciplinary training packages for 45,000 employees on Insider Threat, workplace violence and active shooter awareness that had an emphasis on engagement, impact, and fun.

Shawnee specializes in Insider Threat program management, Insider Threat vulnerability assessments, media leaks, counterintelligence operations, surveillance/counter-surveillance, cyber technologies/threats, counter-terrorism, HUMINT operations, international policy/government relations, and counter-proliferation. She holds an M.A. in International Policy Studies with a specialization in Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Proliferation, and a M.S. in Cyber Security.

In 2019 Shawnee Delaney founded Vaillance Group, focusing on Insider Threat vulnerability assessments, program development, and training. In the fight against both malicious and unintentional threats, Vaillance Group leverages Shawnee’s unparalleled knowledge of Insider Threat to protect its clients’ assets, people, and information.