Nouriel Roubini

Nouriel Roubini is Professor Emeritus (2021-present), Professor of Economics (1995-2021), Stern School of Business, New York University, and CEO of Roubini Macro Associates, Chief Economist for Atlas Capital Team, as well as Co-Founder of Rosa & Roubini Associates.

He is a former senior economist for international affairs in the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers and has worked for the International Monetary Fund, the US Federal Reserve, and the World Bank.

He has published numerous theoretical, empirical and policy papers on international macroeconomic issues and coauthored the books “Political Cycles: Theory and Evidence” (MIT Press, 1997) and “Bailouts or Bail-ins? Responding to Financial Crises in Emerging Markets” (Institute for International Economics, 2004) and “Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance” (Penguin Press, 2010). His most recent book published  in October 2022 “Megathreats: Ten Dangerous Trends That Imperil Our Future and How to Survive Them” (Little Brown). Dr. Roubini’s views on global economic issues are widely cited by the media, and he is a frequent commentator on various business news programs. He has been the subject of extended profiles in the New York Times Magazine, The Financial Times, among other leading current-affairs publications. He is published monthly as a columnist with Project Syndicate. He also co-runs an economic indicator research service.

Prior to joining Stern, he was on the faculty of Yale University’s department of economics. Dr. Roubini received an undergraduate degree at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, and a doctorate in economics at Harvard University.