Nikkia Reveillac

A visionary, thought leader, and change agent in the arenas of innovation, marketing strategy, organizational design, and team culture enhancement, Nikkia Reveillac has driven success at some of the world’s leading brands by artfully challenging the status quo and thoughtfully asking the questions that others are so often afraid to. Over the course of her diverse career leading research and insight initiatives at top companies including Netflix, Twitter, and Colgate-Palmolive, she has leveraged unending empathy, a pioneering attitude, a deep love of multi-cultural moments, a passion for storytelling, an open-growth mindset, and a proven ability to develop high-performing teams to shape business thinking and decision-making in ways that unlock pathways for growth.

Reveillac is incredibly passionate about leaving everything she touches — people and product — better than she found it. Captivating and inspiring audiences with her infectious enthusiasm, abundant creativity, and two decades’ experience building industry-leading teams, she centers her uplifting talks on how to drive innovation and business growth through egoless leadership, empowerment, and purpose. Having grown up in Trinidad & Tobago, lived in the U.S., Spain, Mexico, and Switzerland, and led teams across North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, she is a true cultural maven with a global point of view who highlights the power of diverse perspectives in any organization — bringing empathy and a deep connection with people to her speeches and to all she does.

A passionate people advocate and strategic insights leader, Reveillac has an extraordinary ability to quickly transform and elevate multi-disciplinary teams and drive smarter decision-making to shape winning brand, marketing, innovation, and communication strategies. As director, consumer insights at Netflix, she leads a team that sits at the intersection of content, marketing, and product — uncovering insights to inform product content innovation and creative production. In addition to leading research-based initiatives that disrupt entire industries, Reveillac is committed to creating avenues to success for people who, like her, are taking unconventional roads in their workplace journey. She is the host of Culture Unfit, her podcast dedicated to celebrating and creating a community for beautiful misfits who feel they don’t fit in at work and also played a key role in in launching the Who She Feels She Is initiative, which focuses on helping women across the Caribbean diaspora traverse their unique professional paths. She has made it her mission to coach and mentor young people, especially those in marginalized groups, so that they can grow and thrive in their day-to-day team environments and their careers.

Previously, Reveillac was the head of research at Twitter, where she was responsible for envisioning and executing holistic research plans to drive product, policy development, and innovation for the Twitter app and the tech giant’s other revenue-generating products. Before Twitter, she spent 13 years at Colgate-Palmolive where she held various roles, beginning as associate research manager and working her way up to the director of insights role. In the leadup to her corporate career, Reveillac studied and performed dance for her entire life — something she believes gave her a valuable advantage in her career. Though she didn’t have the corporate work experience of her counterparts, being “the dancer in the room” freed her from any pretense of how she needed to look, act, or sound. With that freedom came the ability to think outside the box to solve business challenges and foster psychologically safe environments for her teams to grow and innovate.

Reveillac is a member of the WIE Suite and serves on the board for tech companies Survey54 and Tech Beach Retreat. A graduate of Barry University with an M.B.A. in marketing from Baruch college, she resides in Brooklyn, New York with her partner and two daughters.