Robert Quirke

Robert Quirke is the President & CEO at ROQU Group and the man behind Health Passport Ireland, a digital platform designed to facilitate increased Covid-19 testing. ROQU group creates powerful global partnerships which deliver meaningful and measurable results in extremely challenging environments. Built and engineered in Ireland by the ROQU Group, Health Passport Ireland is a platform that combines the latest digital technologies with accurate and validated Covid-19 testing solutions, which can deliver results in 15 minutes.

The digital platform is a big step towards helping businesses and individuals to quickly minimise risks related to Covid-19 and ensure they can continue daily activities. The system has been designed to work will all official Covid-19 test types.

The platform has been developed to help businesses to remain open through continuous proactive testing, and identify positive results at the earliest stage while simultaneously protecting communities by offering increased testing.

Robert is former Vice President of Technology with the Irish Government agency IDA Ireland, and leads Strategic International Investments into organisations across Europe.  IDA Ireland is one of the leading Government Agencies in the World who specialise in Foreign Direct Investment. The mission is sustainable economic and social development in Ireland through supporting the World's leading organisations, which ultimately leads to job creation.

Robert discusses the current trends and activities in the Irish Software and IoT eco-system. Topics includes case studies of international software development centers in Ireland, R&D initiatives, talent pool and also Government support available to International companies.