Jens Heitland

Innovation x Leadership = Human Innovation
…everything Jens does is part of this equation.

Former Global Head of Innovation at IKEA Centres, he is considered one of the leading minds of corporate innovation. Jens is described as a forward thinker and connector of thoughts, people and businesses.

A relentless individual inspiring tens of thousands online every single day by being an example of never-exhausting energy, consistency, positive mindset and, of course, innovating the human way. He stands by learning through practice and his speaking methodology confirms it. Jens owns or co-owns several businesses, built around human-centered innovation.

Jens’ ultimate goal is enabling billions of leaders to innovate the human way.

Airbus, Polaroid, Bank of America, Borealis, Deutsche Bank are among the companies that have welcomed and acknowledged Jens’ expertise on Leadership and Innovation.

Jens conducts guest-lectures at Amsterdam and Barcelona universities, mentors founders through accelerators and is a contributor to the UN WIP (Women Innovators Programme) in Middle East development.

His podcast Human Innovation - The Jens Heitland Show ranks among the top podcasts in the innovation field globally, and The Daily Hint, a podcast featuring 60-second boosts of wisdom every single day.

When speaking on stage, Jens talks about human innovation, reverse mentorship and what he learned innovating at local and global positions in companies like IKEA, Deutsche Bank (M+W Zander), Fjord (Accenture) and Foot Locker. He enjoys engaging the audience with unconventional methods, leaving them with memorable experiences and insights to contemplate on and apply in practice.