Joe Toscano

Joe Toscano is an award-winning designer, published author, and international keynote speaker. Joe previously consulted for Google in Mountain View, CA. Joe left because he believes the industry misuses data and felt the issues needed to be addressed through innovation rather than strict regulation.

Since leaving, Joe has traveled the world speaking to audiences ranging from 10 people at local events to 15,000 person corporate events, he has written a book, called Automating Humanity, and he has started the Better Ethics and Consumer Outcomes Network (BEACON), all focused on increasing technology literacy, discovering opportunities for purpose-driven innovation, and moving communities forward through purpose-driven innovation.

Outside of BEACON Joe also writes for Forbes, is a member of the World Economic Forum's Steering Committee for Data Protection, and is featured in The Social Dilemma. His work is in the process of being translated into law, putting him in the room with legislators across the United States, including NY State Senate and dozens of Attorney's General who he submitted evidence in the antitrust case against Google.