Doug Manuel

For nearly 3 decades Doug has been delivering keynotes and running programs in companies, leading business schools and NGOs around the world to foster purpose driven engagement and collaboration. What began as corporate drumming workshops aimed to boost team effectiveness has evolved and developed into a deep dive into the wisdom of West African indigenous culture and the positive effects that these philosophies can have in our Western boardrooms.

This has led to unique and innovative virtual and hybrid solutions and keynotes for global clients.

Doug’s methodology has been endorsed by IMD Business school and led to a keynote to open Oprah Winfrey’s 3rd Super Soul Sessions at UCLA in Los Angeles.

He continues to work with clients in every sector to help teams connect purpose to performance.

Whether it be tired and disengaged virtual teams, or reuniting fragmented teams in person post pandemic with meaning and purpose, Doug’s programs and keynotes drive energy and passion and enhance active listening, communication, empathy and ultimately performance.

Simply put, conferences, event and meetings are better with Doug, as you learn how to build a culture of collaboration in your organisation. Forever!