Lisa Sanders

Millions of viewers around the world know Dr. Lisa Sanders’ from her hit Netflix show, Diagnosis, helping people with mysterious medical mysteries figure out their, well, diagnoses. Lisa also pens a popular New York Times Magazine column and a new book by the same title. She was the inspiration and Technical Director of the hit TV series House M.D., starring Hugh Laurie.

Lisa is dedicated and passionate about inspiring global audiences to look beyond the obvious and set aside distractions to solve today’s most complex problems and come to the solution, or as she calls it, the diagnosis. After a decade-long career in journalism, at the age of 36, Lisa Sanders went from asking questions to get to the bottom of a story to asking questions that save people’s lives. Similar to the medical field, in the corporate world, leaders need to understand how to ask a question as much as which questions to ask. They must learn to overcome their assumptions to filter through what is relevant, set aside what is not, and make a clear diagnosis to avoid wasting people, time, and resources. Only then can a leader effectively communicate the company’s goal with a clear path to achieve success. Dr. Lisa Sanders speaks to groups in medical and corporate settings while sharing her unique insight into solving the most complex problems through actionable exercises and fascinating stories. She is very much “outside of the box”.

Lisa has authored several books, stars in her own Netflix series, and was the inspiration for the hit TV series, “House”.