Dr. Mark DeVolder

Dr. Mark DeVolder is a top change management and transformation expert. Recognised as one of today’s original thinkers and motivators on transitions, Mark shows people how to change.

With a vast client list, Mark has spoken in over 25 countries on 5 continents to many of the world’s industry-leading companies. His insights and strategies show leaders in the midst of disruption, how to navigate the transitions…

  • coaching NASA rocket scientists to re-invent themselves;
  • guiding healthcare professionals through multi-billion dollar mergers;
  • transitioning to a safety-first culture in oil industries;
  • preparing Egypt’s largest company to restructure itself.

Mark’s client list is extensive and diverse, covering many sectors including: NASA, Royal Bank of Canada, McDonald’s, Qatar Petroleum, PepsiCo Europe, Verizon,  Bristol-Myers Squibb, Kuwait Finance House, Medtronic, UT Southwestern Medical Center, FEMSA Mexico, Idaho National Laboratory, Estonian HR Association, Oman Air, GE Digital, Charles Schwab, Marriott, Siemens, and many more.

Partnering with his clients gives Mark a laser-focused view into disruptions that are occurring in every industry and organization; With that insight and customized research, Dr. Mark teaches the unique strategy of Empowered Change™, equipping leaders to adapt to and embrace their greatest challenges, trends and opportunities, such as mergers, organizational restructure, digital transformation and market disruptions.

Mark DeVolder is an award-winning speaker and recipient of the Top 10 Speaker Award in Change Management. Mark is known for his highly engaging presentations: contagious energy, on-target customization, strong actionable takeaways and captivating audience interaction.

As a researcher, consultant and author, Mark has written the multi-disciplinary book on managing change, Perpetual Pivot: How the Best Leaders Adapt to Exponential Change, as well as books on Diversity/Inclusion and Employee Engagement: Unity in Diversity Through Synergy and Get Engaged!

Above all, Mark DeVolder is a category of one speaker.  Mark knows change. He knows why we fear it and how we get lost within it.  And he knows how to help leaders and their teams navigate their way through it. Give your attendees the most inspiring, empowering and engaging experience today with the Change Specialist, Dr. Mark DeVolder.

Why book Mark DeVolder?

  • Mark can teach you how to change, anticipate business trends and accelerate future-proof transformation. He’s done it before with industry leaders like Qatar Petroleum, PepsiCo, Royal Bank of Canada and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  • Mark is a change management/business transformation expert and award-winning speaker on transition success.