Robin Oakley

Robin Oakley OBE is CNN’s European political editor based in London and is one of the leading political commentators among international journalists today.

With almost 40 years of experience in political journalism, Oakley provides analysis on a full range of European issues and political events for CNN’s international audience. In addition to reporting on the keynote political events in Europe, including G8, EU and NATO summits and national referendums and elections, Oakley delivers insight into the international ramifications of specific European political events and developments.

Before taking up his CNN post in September 2000, Oakley was political editor of the BBC for eight years, reporting for a wide range of TV and radio programmes, covering international summits and British prime ministerial trips around the world, as well as the full range of British domestic politics.

In 2004 he reported extensively on the ten countries which then became members of the EU.

In 2006 Oakley reported extensively on European concerns like immigration, EU enlargement and counter-terrorism. The previous year he was involved in CNN’s extensive coverage of the British General Election and the contest in Germany which brought Angela Merkel to power as Chancellor.

In 2007 Oakley’s expertise included the French Presidential election, the departure from Downing Street of Tony Blair and the culmination of the Northern Ireland peace process.