Spiros Margaris

Perhaps no voice in financial technology is as respected and influential as that of Spiros Margaris. His insights have guided the application of AI and blockchain to mainstream financial services. As an investor, Margaris has supported some of the field’s most innovative start-ups. Fintech events with their eyes on the future hire Margaris to deliver insightful, actionable keynote speeches.

Spiros Margaris is a venture capitalist (Margaris Ventures), futurist, keynote speaker, and board member. He is a senior advisor to – and investor in – several companies in the fintech, insurtech, cybersecurity, health care, and AI sectors. Two of the fintech start-ups he has advised have become unicorns (with valuations of over $1 billion).

Spiros is the first international influencer to achieve “The Triple Crown” (No. 1 International FinTech, Blockchain, and AI influencer) ranking by Onalytica. In 2021, Onalytica named him The Key Opinion Leader in Fintech. That year, MarkTechPost included him, for the third time, in a list of the “Top Artificial Intelligence Influencers to Follow.” In 2020, Onalytica ranked him as the No. 1 Global FinTech Influencer, while Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters) ranked him as the No. 1 Finance Influencer.

Spiros has been a keynote speaker at international fintech and insurtech conferences and has also given a TEDxAcademy Talk. He published a white paper on AI, “Machine learning in financial services: Changing the rules of the game,” for the enterprise software vendor SAP. In 2019, he was the first non-IBM keynote speaker at the largest IBM event in Europe, held at the IBM Systems Technical University.