Scott Garrett

Scott has worked in five continents and over 30 countries to build household name brands as a communicator, strategist, brand-owner and rights manager.

As the CEO of The Storytellers Scott advises some of the world’s biggest organisations on how to make change happen to deliver the benefits of a motivated and engaged workforce.

Former employers include Saatchi & Saatchi and J. Walter Thompson, NIKE, Heinz and Williams F1. Scott has managed campaigns for P&G, Tesco and Anchor butter. He has led global communications teams building the businesses of the Bank of America, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s and KPMG. He once saved Green King Abbot Ale from extinction and has played a vital role in guiding one of the UK’s leading behavioural change consultancies strategically as it grows at home and overseas.

Scott has won more than 30 marketing and communications awards. Scott has a track record of working closely with clients to deliver engaging business content that is tailored to their needs. He brings extensive real-life experience to the table, illustrating key messages with stories that attendees will learn from and enjoy. These include how: In the early 1990’s Scott launched NIKE into the world of football from its European base in Holland but with a weather eye on world HQ in Portland, Oregon, where football was ever misunderstood. His methods of convincing his US masters that signing Eric Cantona was a Big Idea were unorthodox.

At Heinz, Scott developed a clear, simple corporate strategy against which every aspect of the company’s operations was assessed. 6000 recipes were reviewed and 400 products were withdrawn. He focused the company around a mission ‘to do good’, facing pressure groups, journalists and the Minster for Health head-on, helping to restore the business to growth after a period of steady decline.

He managed the commercial affairs of Williams F1, then the only independent team competing in the glamorous but cut-throat world of Formula One, one of the world’s largest sporting events with a voracious appetite for money in the relentless pursuit of speed. Scott has developed some strong views about sport, the environment and about how to structure an organisation such that it exists in a constant state of productive insecurity that can drive it to compete to win in whatever competitive landscape it finds, or creates for, itself.

Scott successfully blends international leadership, a deep understanding of the value of strong brands, a passionate belief in the power of teamwork and an ability to communicate complex ideas simply.