Italo Cardoza

Italo Cardoza, is a free thinker, iconoclastic and specialist of human potential, driven and seduced by the many in-situ experiences about how in a hypercompetitive era, talents and its attributes manage to seduce, astonish and attract in an exceptional way.

Founder and Executive Director of ZONBI Activation Agency, agency for activating and discovering talents for differentiation, based on talent and passion as a mantra and business philosophy. Technically connected with Marketing to position people, products and cultures. With transformative focus towards students, professionals in and out company, executives, entrepreneurs, Change Makers, and culture redesigns from the base of talent.

Italo has given in 10 years, conferences to more than 20,000 students in Latin America, training teachers, deans, entrepreneurs, companies, his social spirit leads him to train young people in high school, unemployed people, in order to reach their opportunities.  He is Business administrator and Commercial Engineer with specialties in Marketing, human talent,  International Trade and Emotional Intelligence for labor management, Coach for the discovery of talent, Marketing coach, Marketing and entrepreneurship teacher and human capital. International speaker for corporate and educational entities in Latin America, with 10 years of experience for multinational companies of the customer experience, retail and Human Capital.

In his presentations to the world of entrepreneurship and corporate and invitation to the educational world evokes the message: "In everything you do, design, communicate, create, position, Is there something of you in everything you do? Are you in what you really are passionate about? ", The differentiation in its various definitions begins when you PASS your PASSION on whatever you do, this bases the attraction at all levels. This led him to create the path, "Talent, Passion and Market", irreverent and high impact theme for the educational and corporate world.