Jeanette Bronée

Jeanette rethinks self-care to bridge the gap between wellbeing, a high-performance culture, and burnout prevention. By understanding that care is what drives us as human beings, she redefines resilience and mental health, so that we can foster a healthy culture and empower our most important resource at work, our humanity.

She teaches how to shift from operating on survival mode to The Self-Care Mindset® so that we can create better results and sustainable success by cultivating a Culture of Care®.

A “most wanted” workplace performance and well-being mindset expert, she speaks, coaches and consults about how to create better relationships and engagement in a hybrid workplace.

She has spoken at the United Nations and delivered TEDx talks, keynotes and workshops at conferences and corporate events around the world to facilitate change in our relationship with resilience, mental health, and wellbeing at work.