Kate Sweetman

Kate Sweetman helps companies to maximize leadership potential in today’s fast-moving, complex, multi-cultural organizations.  She starts with understanding the client’s business and organizational needs, and creates solutions that integrate industry best practices with her own experience and creativity to expand thinking and incite new behaviors and actions.

Kate was named one of the world’s Emerging Management Gurus by the London Times for her career work and achievement in the management consulting space, particularly in Leadership Consulting, Advisory Services, Classroom Facilitation, and Learning and Education Design. While Kate has worked with leaders and organizations in 25 countries for over 20 years, she most recently returned to the U.S. after three-year residence as Chief of Research, Leadership, and Governance of a key central bank in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She and her team completed the first comprehensive and scientifically robust study of Asian leadership ever undertaken, with results showing Asian leadership from the core 18 Asian countries. The report was published in 2014 as the Asian Leadership Index. A selection of her clients: Nokia, Goldman Sachs, Verizon, Citigroup, Johnson & Johnson, Readers Digest, Novartis, Kuwait University, Saudi Aramco, Telecom Malaysia, and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

She co-authored The Leadership Code: Five Rules to Lead By, and writes a popular blog on leadership for Fast Company, an innovation and technology magazine. She is a former editor at Harvard Business Review where she helped top management thinkers in business and academia shape their ideas on issues of leadership, organizational change and collaboration.

Kate is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Yale University. She serves as a member of the Association of Yale Alumni Board of Governors, and as a member of the Alumnae Advisory Board for the Women’s Leadership Initiative at Yale.