Donald John Roberts

Donald John Roberts has been a member of the Stanford faculty since 1980, when he joined the GSB from Northwestern University, where he had been a professor in the Kellogg School of Management.

Born in Winnipeg in 1945, he was educated at the Universities of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Minnesota. His research has contributed primarily to the development of economic theory and game theory and their application to problems of economics and management; to the study of industrial competition, especially when informational differences among market participants are important; and to the economics of organization.

He is the author or coauthor of over 70 scholarly articles, numerous business cases and books. The first of these, Economics, Organization and Management, was the first text to apply modern theories of incentives and contracting to managerial problems. His more recent book, The Modern Firm: Organizational Design for Performance and Growth¸ was named as the best business book of the year by The Economist. He is the co-editor of The Handbook of Organizational Economics.

Recently his research has involved running controlled experiments to investigate the effects of changing management practices in large firms.

Roberts’ teaching in the MBA, Sloan, and Executive Programs has, in recent years, focused on strategy and organization, with special attention to multinational business. He has also advised numerous PhD students who have joined the faculties of many of the world’s leading business schools and economics departments.

He has held visiting, research appointments at Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (Louvain, Belgium), the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (Stanford, California), All Souls College and Nuffield College (Oxford, England) and McKinsey & Co. (London). He has also been a visiting researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study in Jerusalem, the Department of Economics of the University of California, Berkeley, the Institute of Economics and Statistics of Oxford University and the Sloan School of Management at MIT, a visiting lecturer at the Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques in Paris and a visiting professor at the Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse. In 1997 he gave the inaugural Clarendon Lectures in Management Studies at Oxford and in 2000 he was the Minnesota Lecturer at the Department of Economics of the University of Minnesota. In 2005 he was a Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Bath and in 2007 he was the Freehills Distinguished Lecturer at the University of New South Wales.

He has also consulted to major corporations in the United States, Japan and Europe. A Fellow and former Council Member of the Econometric Society, Roberts was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2005.

In 2002, Roberts received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Stanford Graduate School of Business' Sloan Master's Program. In 2004, The Economist named his book The Modern Firm the year's best business book and in 2005 he received the school's Robert T. Davis Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award.

He received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Winnipeg in 2007.

Yasheng Huang

Yasheng Huang is an associate professor in the area of international management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He joined MIT in 2003. His previous appointments include assistant professor at the University of Michigan, associate professor at Harvard University, and consultant to the World Bank.

Professor Huang’s research focuses on international business, political economy, and institutional issues. His published book, Selling China (Cambridge University Press, 2003) examines the institutional drivers of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China.

Unlike many other studies of FDI in China, this book shows that some of the inefficiencies of China’s financial and legal institutions have served to drive up FDI inflows. The principal effect of these inefficiencies is a lowering of the average level of competitiveness of domestic firms, which creates a number of propitious conditions for foreign firms.

Huang is the author of Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics, a history of economic reforms in China chronicles three decades of economic reform in China and documents the critical role that private entrepreneurship played in the Communist nation’s “economic miracle.”

Professor Huang is extending this way of looking at FDI-examining the competitiveness of domestic firms-to other countries by analyzing the institutional environment for local firms and entrepreneurship.

GianLuigi Longinotti-Buitoni

Gian Luigi is well known for his great success at Ferrari North America, where he was CEO from 1992 to 2000. During that time Ferrari sales in North America increased by 80%. He saw Ferrari as "the ultimate factory of dreams" and after a far-ranging analysis of high-end marketing and business trends, he developed the concept of "DreamMarketing."

Prior to joining Ferrari, he was an executive in his family's European company, Industrie Buitoni Perugina (makers of Buitoni brand foods and Perugina luxury chocolates). He was also CEO of Polo Europe, a division of Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation from 2000 to 2003. He was appointed for his broad base of experience in luxury goods and branded products.

In his book, Selling Dreams: How to Make Any Product Irresistible, Dr. Longinotti-Buitoni exposes the fact that doing business is no longer just working. Doing business is a way of living and acquiring knowledge. Selling Dreams expands business to include the way companies and people could live to their fullest, searching for eclectic knowledge, developing oneself through art and culture, exploring the senses, and creative emotions of both a company and an individual. All these changes demand dreams. In a world where people are branding themselves, Selling Dreams shows companies as well as individuals how to become irresistible.

Gian Luigi Longinotti-Buitoni is currently CEO of LIFE Corporation, a High-Tech company designing and producing wearable computers or apparel and accessories with communication, social-networking, entertaining and measuring capabilities. He is also the former founder and CEO of a Media company, providing the best international football coverage on the web and mobile.