Aric Dromi

Aric Dromi is a highly respected keynote speaker, futurologist, geopolitical, environmental & social strategist.  Aric spent years helping executives and decision makers to refine their offer and understand the potential impacts that lie along the road ahead. Aric’s strengths lie in his ability to identify patterns and challenge them, along with his ability to use this skill to define new directions and experiments that provide a pathway forward.

With a long career in choice architecture and systems design, innovation and futurology, Aric believes that our world is on the cusp of seismic changes that society, business and policymakers are not prepared for. He believes strongly in humanity’s ability to adapt and overcome, and thinks that technology has come to define, rather than serve us. He wants to change this equation, by working towards a more resilient societal model that enables a free market and a future for our children. Aric does this by providing strategic advice to organisations and executives, policymakers, cities and governments.

His focus areas include: Automation and fast tracking, Privacy, integrity, surveillance and legislation, Social trends and economic models, Transformation, smarter innovation and monetization structures, Mobility, logistics, energy, communication and smarted data, The reciprocal relationships between policy, society and technology, The future of cities and urban structures, The next frontier of Intelligence amplification in the era of VR, AR and AI.

Aric is the Founder and CEO of TEMPUS.MOUU GROUP breakthrough Advisory board as a Service platform.