Sharon Gai

Sharon Gai is a culture fluid expert in ecommerce, digital transformation and AI. She helps organizations become agile disruptors in their industries so they can learn faster and disrupt larger competitors. In her tenure at Alibaba, she advised brands and heads of state in crafting their digital strategy with programmatic marketing and AI. She has been the keynote speaker at TEDx, Singularity University, UBS, Deloitte, Nestle, Ecomworld, and Etail. She is in the AAE list of Top Keynote Speakers in 2023. She is also one of 2024’s RETHINK Retail’s Top Retail Expert and a Linkedin Top Voice in Public Speaking 2023. She has appeared on Bloomberg, Reuters, ABC, CBC, CCTV, Techcrunch, Retail Asia, Wired, and The Next Web. She is the author of the book, Ecommerce Reimagined: what we can learn in retail and ecommerce from China. Sharon has an Honors Bachelor’s degree in International Development from McGill and a Masters in Knowledge Management from Columbia University.

Reasons to book Sharon:

  • Few has her background and unique perspective, as someone who has knowledge of markets both in east and west.
  • Unlike other speakers who are not practitioners and are trend spotters, she has personally worked on the projects that are in her presentations and she presents about her first-hand experience.
  • Previous executive at Alibaba
  • Spoken at TEDx, Singularity University, UBS, Nestle, Deloitte
  • Appeared on Bloomberg, ABC, CBC, CCTV, Techcrunch, Wired, and The Next Web
  • Author with major publisher Macmillan of the book, Ecommerce Reimagined: what we can learn in retail and ecommerce from China

What retailers find especially interesting:

  • Be a crystal ball for retailers and brands for what’s coming down the line in the world of ecommerce
  • Share the China ecommerce playbook in innovative ways of selling and building trust with customers via livestreaming, social commerce, viral growth strategies
  • Glimpse into the world’s largest consumer market in the world
  • Have a better global view of what’s happening around the world when it comes to retail
  • Often repeated feedback from audience is the content is extremely unique, filled with stories and examples they have never heard of before